How can I check if someone has previous criminal records?

How can I check if someone has previous criminal records?


India is seeing a sharp increase in criminal activity. Every day, even the law enforcement gets weaker. It should be possible to check someone’s criminal history in India. The government ought to provide a means for the public to view everyone’s criminal history. Since it can prevent a lot of crimes in India, this can be a very essential move. As everyone knows, a large number of crimes occur as a result of individuals not knowing who is and is not a criminal.

Kerala topped the list of all Indian states with the highest rate of crime in 2015. Crimes may be committed for a variety of reasons, such as domestic abuse, rape, or dowries.

People who act in such a drastic way when they are furious, according to Dr. Sudheer Khandelwal, the former chairman of the psychiatry department at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), struggle with impulse control and have a very low threshold for anger. In the heat of the moment, they lack self-control, feel no guilt, and disregard the potential repercussions of their behavior.

For this reason, before meeting new individuals or getting married to someone they don’t know well, one should have their criminal records examined. This will guarantee one’s safety and assist in preventing a crime.

Both the US and India have federal political systems made up of states. Though within a fundamental national framework, the states in both nations have main responsibility over the formation, disclosure, use, and collateral repercussions of criminal records. Criminal records are created and kept up to date by both police departments and courts in order to fulfill their investigative duties. Law enforcement agencies are usually forbidden from revealing an individual’s criminal history information for non-criminal justice purposes, and court records are not publicly accessible in India.

Even across police departments in India, document exchange is challenging since police records are kept in numerous regional languages. The fact that many Indians have the same name presents another difficulty. The government is moving to provide each person with a unique number, known as an Aadhar card.

The other significant source of criminal records is the courts. Court record disclosure and access are governed by state statutes. Court files are not publicly accessible, but trial court rulings are. To view the file and make a duplicate of it, even the defendant requires special permission from the court. The Chief Judge would have to be petitioned by a third party. Public access to criminal decisions is growing through e-court system databases and private databases. The ruling is uploaded in the trial court’s native tongue, but the e-courts website is in English. Case rulings from the Supreme Court and higher courts are reported and sold to private publishers.

Employers in India hardly ever ask candidates about their criminal histories, and few ever run background checks on their staff members. Criminal background check companies are rarely employed, and when they are, it’s usually for high-level or sensitive positions, or to look into potential business partners.

What Steps government should take

The government ought to create a website where anyone may look up someone’s criminal history.

Alternatively, the government may create centers that assist in obtaining an individual’s criminal history. They ought to note it and enquire as to why someone’s criminal history was taken.

Reasons for getting a criminal record of someone

The person you are marrying, if they are not a stranger, may be hiding a criminal history from you. This may be a fraud instance, and there are more and more of these in India. We refer to this union as a false marriage. And if the individual getting married gets the criminal history of their partner verified, this can be prevented.

Regarding a case: In the event that the aggressor’s criminal history is required to establish the aggressor’s guilt. This is intended for those who commit crimes repeatedly.In order to establish his guilt in court, criminal records may be used as proof.

Employment: Criminal histories are now screened for applicants as well as for current employees. This is merely to make sure that nothing phony is present and that he is safe for the office. A large company’s employee or a driver may be subject to an employee safety check.

Renting out: The majority of individuals in India do this to supplement their income. However, you ought to have the criminal history of the property examined before renting it out. Given how crucial it is for both the future and a secure environment. Since the location is in your name, you could run into issues if something goes wrong.

How to check for someone’s criminal record

One method to find out whether someone has a criminal history is to ask around, talk to the person’s neighbors, or even inquire at the company if the person is employed there. This is the most effective method of finding out about someone and whether or not they have a criminal history. Neighbors may be aware of any police visits to the resident’s home. This may offer you some indication, but it won’t provide you with a precise response to your query.

Another option is to speak with a local attorney, ideally one who takes his clients seriously and values their business. Who will assist you in determining if the individual for whom you wish to obtain a criminal background check has no prior criminal history, is not currently involved in any legal actions, or both.

Websites for the high court and certain district courts are accessible online and can assist in locating an individual’s current cases. On the internet, you can look for him or her by name or by the name of his business.

You can also go to the police station, where you can also obtain the criminal records if the police officer is willing to assist you.

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1. How can I check if someone has a criminal record in India?
You can check someone’s criminal record in India through online police verification services, by visiting a local police station, or by hiring a private background check agency.

2. Is it necessary to obtain consent for a criminal record check?
Yes, obtaining written consent from the individual is crucial to comply with legal and ethical standards before conducting a criminal record check.

3. Are online police verification services reliable?
Yes, online police verification services provided by state police departments in India are reliable and often the most convenient method for conducting criminal record checks.

4. How much does it cost to conduct a criminal record check in India?
The cost varies depending on the method used. Online police verification fees differ by state, and private agencies may charge varying rates based on the depth of the check.

5. What should I do if the criminal record check shows inaccurate information?
If you find inaccurate information in a criminal record check, contact the relevant authorities or the private agency that conducted the check to rectify the errors promptly.

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